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Tarneaeg: 26.06.2020

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Handball Spartan Handball Official is an ideal sports equipment for indoor handball matches. Thanks to a great game features, the ball is designed for matches in handball, but it is also suitable for training purposes. This handball is stitched together from 32 pieces of modern and proven synthetic leather. The ball is available in three sizes depending on the age of the players. The first ball is 58-60 cm (standard size 3) in circumference and is designed for adults and 16+ juniors, the second type is the ball with a circumference of 52 cm (standard size 2) for teenagers 12-15 years old, and the last ball with a circumference of 48 cm (standard size 1) is suitable for kids. The ball is manufactured using the latest technologies, guaranteeing his grip adhesion and high-quality game properties. Available in orange-silver colour combination.

Technical description:

  • Handball Spartan is designed for playing and training purposes
  • Sewn from 32 separate pieces of quality synthetic leather
  • Circumference: 58-60 cm, 52 cm, 48 cm
  • Colour combination: orange-silver
  • Excellent grip
  • Excellent flight characteristics
  • Regular impregnation recommended
  • Suitable for smooth surfaces
  • Delivered deflated


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