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Tarneaeg: 03.03.2021

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The Pull-Up Bar for Wall Bars BenchK 310 expands the number of exercises you can do on your BenchK 310 wall bars. This accessory allows you to do pull-ups and thus exercise your arms and back. To make the exercise easier, you might use one of our resistance bands. They provide resistance and lower the weight you work with and as such allow even beginners to handle these hard exercises. But if you consider these kinds of exercises too easy, you can try working with body weights. Moreover, the pull-up bar allows you to exercise your abs and also do a limited hand-over-hand exercise. 

Made of high-quality metal, this pull-up bar is not only extremely solid, but also complements the design of the wall bars. You might also appreciate the anti-slip handles that prevent calluses and allow for a perfect grip. Intended for home use, the Pull-Up Bar for Wall Bars BenchK 310 is perfect for a bodyweight workout.

Technical description:

  • High-quality metal structure
  • Easy installation
  • Number of grips for versatile workout
  • Comfortable handles
  • Weight limit: 120 kg
  • Suitable for BenchK 310 wall bars
  • Made in EU    


Kaal 1.000000 kg
Mõõtmed 0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm

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