Magnetic Rowing Machine HMS ZM5005



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Tarneaeg: 19.11.2021

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The ZM5005 is a magnetic rowing machine characterized by its stylish design, simplicity of use and saving a lot of space thanks to its easy folding. ZM5005 is a robust, easy-to-use product with a 6-stage load adjustment enabling you to adjust your workouts to your abilities. The control panel displays all the necessary training information, including number of strokes, the time and the distance. The ZM5005 model is a solid structure with comfortable folding option. After it has been folded, the ergo can be put in an upright position. It saves a lot of space. Moreover, it can be easily stored in a visible place since its stylish design makes it fits the decor of any interior. Thanks to the castors a user is able to place it in a convenient place without difficulties and much effort. Rowing machine or rowing ergometer is a great way to burn fat as well as to develop strength and endurance. This type of the aerobic effort engages, in practice, the whole body to work and thus, it guarantees incredible results. It has a positive effect on the cardiopulmonary system and strengthens the heart muscle. ZM5005 is a stylish, robust, and full of advantages equipment enabling you to take your fitness to the next level.


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