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Tarneaeg: 04.09.2020

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Swimming Belt inSPORTline AquaLife supports your body during swimming. It can be used by swimmers with weight up to 30 kg for improving motions and body posture. It consists of three EVA foam blocks and one nylon strap with plastic buckle. Very light blocks help prevent your body from sinking. Its strap is bold yellow for higher visibility. Due to all mentioned qualities, this swimming belt is highly appreciated among water-lovers.

Technical parameters:

  • Max. user weight: 30 kg
  • Better in-water motions
  • Prevention from sinking down
  • Plastic buckle
  • Yellow nylon strap
  • Belt length: up to 100 cm
  • Material: nylon, EVA, plastic
  • EVA block dimensions: 12.4 cm x 14.5 cm x 5 cm

WARNING: This water aid does not protect from drowning. Because of it, use it only under adult supervision and never leave the children in water unattended!


Kaal 1.000000 kg
Mõõtmed 16.000000 × 15.000000 × 12.000000 cm

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