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The Elastic Waist Support Belt Lana Medicale supports your back and stomach and prevents lower back issues. Since it is partly made of wool, it not only provides protection from the cold but also keeps you warm, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (it is perfect for all kinds of winter activities). The material this belt is made of is comfortable and does not leave pressure marks, making it suitable for long time use. The Elastic Waist Support Belt Lana Medicale is easy to pull on, adapts to the shape of your body and is not visible under your clothes. All you have to do is pick the correct size (see the size chart below).


Technical description:

  • Supports lumbar and sacral spine
  • Helps strengthen slack stomach muscles and waist
  • Provides protection from cold
  • Comfortable material that does not leave pressure marks
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for winter use
  • Is not visible under clothes
  • Material: polyester (44.8%), cotton (33.7%), wool (13.3%), elastic yarn (8.2%)
  • Made in the E.U.

Size chart:


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